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Q: What type of dance classes do you offer?
A: We offer ballet, jazz, and modern dance classes.
Q: What ages do you teach?
A: We teach ages 3 to adult.
Q: What type of ballet do you teach?
A: Ballet classes are a mix of English and Russian techniques utilizing Vaganova methods.
Q: Can I take a class before I commit to the whole year?
A: New students may take a free class. Please call first for approval, then fill out our registration form and check the free class box.
Q: When should a student begin Pointe?
A: Students should be a minimum of 10-years old and taking at least 4-hours per week and is subject to the director’s approval. Each student matures differently, so age may vary.
Q: Can I take Jazz or Modern only, or I must I take Ballet class too?
A: Jazz and modern dance are built upon ballet technique and terminology. Students may begin jazz training while taking ballet for a minimum of 2-years. Students are required to have 2-years ballet training before beginning modern dance.
Q: How long is the regular school year session?
A: The school year session is approximately 9-months, beginning in September and ending in May.
Q: How many classes are included in the school year session?
A: Each class is scheduled for 32 occurrences per school year. If classes are cancelled due to weather or other emergencies, students may makeup the class on another day.
Q: If I miss a class, when may I make it up?
A: Missed classes may be made up during the same school year session.
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: School year tuition is offered in 2 and 8-payment plans. Payments for the 8-payment plan are made monthly at the beginning of the month beginning in September. Payments for the 2-payment plan are due in September a January at the 16-week break; the date is published at the beginning of the school year.
Q: Are there additional fees for the payment plans?
A: No, but the 2 payment plan is discounted.
Q: How much is the registration fee and how often do I pay it?
A: The $25 registration fee is for student processing, is due in September or at registration with your first payment, and is paid once annually.
Q: Are there discounts available?
A: Families with multiple students may receive a discount of $50 for each student after the first. Please see family discount form for qualifications and details. This may be prorated for students registering mid-year.
Q: Are scholarships available and how do I apply?
A: Financial need-based scholarships are available. We do not offer merit or talent based scholarships. Scholarship requests are subject to review of current tax returns and other financial information as requested. Scholarship students are required to volunteer throughout the school year. Scholarships are not automatically renewed. Registration and performance fees are not included in the scholarship.
A: To apply, please fill out our registration form and check the "I am applying for a need-based scholarship."
Q: Do you have recitals and/or performances?
A: Each spring we have a full stage production is with original choreography and staging by ABT staff. Participating students enjoy a professional production environment with a back stage experience, full costumes, and dress rehearsals. Ballet I through Advanced students are invited to perform, and adult students may participate as well.
A: In studio recitals for Exploring Ballet students are offered at the end of the school year in May.
Q: Are students expected to perform?
A: Performing is optional. Students who choose to not perform are not penalized.
Q: Are there any fees for performing and how much are they?
A: There is a $100 performance and costume fee for the first roll and $30 for each additional roll. Students may be required to purchase small accessories such as leotards or tights that they can be use in class.
Q: What is included with the performance fee?
A: Rehearsals with a plenty of individual attention and coaching, additional classes, and the experience of a lifetime.

Have additional questions? Please email us at or call us at 434.823.8888.


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