Spring Dance Gala 2017 - "Little Red Riding Hood"

Spring Dance Gala 2017

Featuring "Little Red Riding Hood"

What do you get when you mix Little Red Riding Hood and a Wily Wolf with dancers and diverse music? A comedic story ballet!

Little Red’s forest friends include a cheeky black cat and feathery, funny yellow duck, who jealously vie for Little Red’s attention. On their way through the magic forest to grandma’s house, they meet dancing bluebirds, butterflies, fairies, a firefly, flowers, and Vaudevillian toads.

The Wolf’s attempts to blend in with disguises comically fail. And, you’ll howl when The Wolf dresses and dances to “Hey There Little Red Riding Hood.”

The Woodsman falls in love with Little Red, but mom and dad run him off. Were Red’s parent mistaken? What will Little Red do when the Wolf tries to woo her? Can the Woodsman save Grandma and Little Red from the Wolf’s fiendish plot?

Mama Duck and her ducklings found our hero. Ugly, overcome with joy, realized she had two families, ducks and swans, who loved her very much. And they all rejoiced and lived happily ever after.

Individuation is a visualization of Jungian Theory. ABT dancers portray the facets of our personas, the masks we wear for different scenarios, and express the archetypes of the mind. The minimalistic set combined with dynamic lighting creates a sense of peering into the shadows of the mind. Choreography by Veronica Hart was originally set and staged on Charlottesville Ballet in 2012.

Nicky Coelho performs Pain's Pulse, a dance inspired by the pain of heartbreak. Mrs. Coelho dances at James Sewell Ballet in Minneapolis, MN. This solo from "Loves Remembered," choreographed by James Sewell, premiered in 1994 in New York City.

Proceeds support the Dancing Off the Streets™ need-based scholarship program.

Family Friendy. Run time is a proximately 1.5 hours.  

Saturday, May 13th, 6pm at Dickinson Theatre PVCC

Tickets (Reserved Seating):
$14 Adults, $10 Students & Seniors

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