Little Red Riding Hood

This age-old fairy tale, from once upon a time, is recreated in a comical ballet with your favorite characters and some new ones, too. On her way to Mary’s birthday party, Grandmother encounters the infamous Big Bad Wolf, who tries to snatch the new red cape Grandmother made for Mary.

Fortunately, a Woodsman appears and saves the day. Mary gratefully invites the Woodsman to celebrate her birthday with her friends and family. The Woodsman is smitten by Mary but is thrown out on his ear by her disapproving Father. Upset, Mary goes outside to collect her thoughts. Her friend, the Duck, shows up and dances with her to lift her spirits.

The next day, Mother and Father send Mary and the Duck to Grandmother with a basket filled with goodies. Mary and the Duck dance on their journey—in the village with the Village Girls and in the forest, where they make new friends with Dancing Flowers, Toads, a mischievous Cat, a graceful Bluebird, dancing Butterflies, and a magical Firefly.

Meanwhile, Grandmother is resting in bed when the Wolf sneaks in and gobbles her up in one bite. The Wolf then disguises himself as Grandmother and climbs into bed to wait for Mary. When Mary arrives and sits next to the bed, she points out how strange Grandmother appears and the Wolf gobbles Mary up with one big bite.

The Duck and Cat run for help. The Woodsman discovers the Wolf snoring and scratching his big belly. When he hears cries from inside the Wolf, the Woodsman opens him up to find Mary and Grandmother inside. Mother and Father arrive with the rest of Mary’s friends, and they fill the Wolf’s belly with rocks to teach him a lesson. Mary joins everyone in dancing and thanking their brave hero. And, they all live happily ever after, except for the Wolf.

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