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Behind Her Eyes

Concerto in Bianco e Nero

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Shady Grove

Spring Gala 2009 Clips

Featuring The Doll Shop, They Who Are, Force Centrifugal, Bound, Twine

Performed at PVCC’s Dickinson Theatre with a colorful, flavorful palette of dance on Sunday May 31st 2009.  Our 5th Spring Dance Gala included a variety of contemporary and classical ballet, jazz, and modern dance and was cosponsored by Charlottesville Self Storage at Crozet.

Two new contemporary works by Nicky Hart include a variety of dance techniques from ballet and modern to Afro-Caribbean. The dancers’ movements are driven by the contrasting sympathetic tones and high energy of the music in Bound. The warm, mellow, flowing rhythms of Angolan music support the fluid movements in a beautiful creation called Twine.   
The show opened with the Doll Shop, a ballet story about young girl that visits a magical Doll Shop with her family to choose a present for her eighth birthday. The little girl believes that the Fairy Doll possesses a special secret, hides from her family and the shopkeeper to try and discover the Fairy Doll’s secret. 
Forces Centrifugal, created by Rachael Shaw of R Squared and Miki Lizst, with its whirlpool-like movements, explores human interaction and connection. They Who Are, fresh, dynamic jazz choreography by Autumn Proctor, plays on the push and pull of influential factors versus the force of individual expression. 

Two soloists will perform the famed Don Quixote Kitri and Dying Swan variations to accent this flavorful show. Guest artists from Charlottesville Ballet will perform two works choreographed by their Artistic Director Ariadne Conner. One piece will be accompanied by a live cellist.

For complete descriptions and performers View the program here.

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